Why Buy Handmade?

Hand Made is Well Made

Handmade goods are just made better.


It’s a Feel-Good Purchase

By supporting local artisans and their eco-conscious business practices, most American consumers are placing at least as much weight on society’s interests as they do on business interests.


It Helps Your Community

Locally owned independent businesses return a higher percentage of their revenue to their communities than chains.


Handcrafted Products Have All The Feels

Consumers prefer buying artisanal goods because it provides a fuller sensory experience intrinsically and extrinsically. It feels good to purchase an item with a relatable, knowable back story.


They Are Unique

Consumers like having something that didn’t come from a big company. Handmade equals fewer.


Your Purchase Supports Skilled Work

Buying handmade goods is good for the art. It’s important to support skilled workers and to keep hand-making goods a financially feasible career choice.


            Handcrafted Products are Green.

Work done by hand takes less energy and natural resources than mass production. Shopping locally made means goods did not have to be shipped a long distance.


How You Can Create Local Jobs

Shifting just 10 percent of consumer spending in a particular area to locally owned businesses would create hundreds of new jobs and millions of dollars in local wages.


Handmade Is Worth More

Authentic artisan goods are valued higher by society. Handmade items are more than just items, they are 100% creativity.

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