Three Days in NYC sans Luggage

I go to NYC often to shop for frock.
I love the city and always try to cram in some fun while I’m there, usually a museum or a new (to me) restaurant. I wish I could see a Broadway show, but I am usually beat after a trade show.
I’m more of a “below 14th street” gal.       
I like the true neighborhood vibe.
Eateries, some nuevo and some historic,
all feel very local. Creativity in all forms
can be found around every corner, I never
get bored and can walk for miles.
Not wanting to be tethered to a hotel concierge,
I pack only what I can easily carry in a backpack.
Some Tips:
-Unless it’s August, wear dark colors that
don't show dirt. I remember being really
impressed with the level of filth in NYC
back in the late seventies, grimy and gritty
in the best way. It’s been homogenized
and pasteurized since, but you still might
want to sit on a park bench-Invest in one
pair of high-quality mid-weight dark-colored
pants. They won’t bag or wrinkle if they
contain at least 5% elastane. Tights underneath
will get you through the winter. Be sure
to have them hemmed so no fabric touches
the ground. A decent pair will wear well
three days in a row.
-Wear one statement tee and pack two. This is a trend worth keeping around and works on any age gal.

-A blazer will get you in almost everywhere -Only boots or sneakers. Anything else and you won’t be able to keep up with the pace of locals.

      -Shiny bouncy hair is not necessary. Dirty hair in a bun or pony is very NYC-Only tourists wear a full face of makeup.BB cream, eyebrow product, lip stain mascara, sunglasses, done.

-Traveling with a guy? Invest in a backpack or bag that he would be OK carrying, something lightweight but uni-sex.Leave the Vera Bradley at home.







Frock carries versatile separates

for your next trip. Let us help you pack.

From top to bottom:
Jacket, Alberto Makali, $339

Pants, Krazy Larry, $139

Jacket, Peace of Cloth, $289 

Pants,Peace of Cloth, $209

Vintage Tee, The Max Vintage, $40

Necklace, Chanour, $56

Boucle Coat, Vintage, $99


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