Oh Yes We Do!

I applaud some of the fresher designers commitment to dressing the curvier consumer. Christian Siriano does an amazing job, his use of plus-size models has him dressing Hollywood's A-listers. It is wonderful and refreshing to see culture embrace beauty in this form, our young girls need to see this type of inclusivity.

Couture such as Siriano's is constructed in such a way that any body is enhanced as close to perfection as perfection can get. Additionally, those dresses don't go anywhere without a full team of hair, makeup and stylists within arms reach. As effortless as Hollywood's curvy stars make it look, believe me, it takes a village.

At the other end of the fashion spectrum, there are lines such as Fashion Nova that have very little to do with actual construction and are made quickly and cheaply out of inferior stretch fabrics. These are highly popular and specifically targeted at a young curvy client. Kim Kardashian has made voluptousness Ok, and that really is Ok. Young girls with jiggles and curves are being celebrated as strong and are empowered to own it.

So, with Hollywood and youth celebrating fashion options that never existed before, why hasn't there been any improvement for the rest of us? I have tried to purchase inventory for 14 plus, but I don't think the market is being addressed properly. Being bigger doesn't mean you have to hide in a tent, but just grading a pattern up doesn't work either. When our waist gets thicker our shoulders don't get broader and our arms don't get longer.

Here at frock I don't go looking for specific plus size brands, I have found them to be disappointing on all style levels. What I have found that seems to be pleasing to my ladies, is that when I see a silhouette that I know will flatter, I buy it. With 30 plus years of experience fitting women, I know what works and what doesn't. Sometimes you like the dress, but it's more important that the dress likes you.

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