If Your Prom Style Is Not The Usual

Every girl should have her fairy tale gown, you know, the one she’s been dreaming of since she (OK, maybe he, we love everybody) was four years old. 

If your prom style is not the usual…

Stop by and check us out!

Along with several Private Label boutique lines, we design our own line in-store. 

Love vintage? A Touch of Grace Vintage and Tea Street Vintage are in the house! From 2/21 to 3/14 the best vintage prom in Berks county is at frock!


Bring your intrepid personal style into frock and we will guarantee you a completely personalized prom look. 

Have a gown you'd like to upcycle? We can style and restructure it to match your style. 

I have been working on formal wear before online shopping existed, yup!, and while sometimes a perfectly good gown does arrive, here’s a heads up: 

Your gown arrives in a small vacuum bag. Depending on the fabric, pressing and steaming can cost up to $125.


Alterations are expensive and inconvenient. All items purchased at frock are altered onsite.


The dress you ordered isn’t always the dress you get. They are often fakes of designer gowns, sewn poorly, sized wrong and unlined. I have had many complaints of gowns not showing up at all!


A few suggestions:

Buy classic silhouettes in quality fabrics and construction. Do you shine? Or is it all about the dress? Even if you are an heiress, purchasing disposable trends is not good for the environment or society. Can you wear it again? To a college formal? A twenty-something friends black tie wedding? Will it pass down? Can it be altered to further be worn?


Stop by today and find your unique style at frock.

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