frock...Because your personality isn't the first thing people see.

We've shifted our fashion focus here at frock and we think you will love it!

Anyone who follows fashion knows that fashion retail has completely changed. While it's been tough, entrepreneurs worth their salt have taken the challenge on and rallied. I'm not reinventing the wheel, I follow influencers like Linda Fargo at Bergdorf Goodmans and Champion. Here's how Champion is doing it right,

I did find owning a "Fine Ladies Fashion" store a bit boring, no offense to the fine ladies out there, so I eagerly jumped back to being frock.

While still buying beautiful pieces from NYC and LA, I am designing and producing for men and women in limited amounts. You'll never see yourself coming and going.

Because circulatory design is now the norm, I've brought back "upcycling". Check out this article in Forbes,

Vintage is here to stay. Our ever-changing men and women's vintage racks are a weekly destination for Berks sartorially intrepid. Zach from Jag Vintage is here Fri-Sun, come tell him what you're into. Check in on social while here for discounts.

La Chat Blanc Boutique has joined in, she is supplying frock with upscale accessories and body products. Sara's put the best little gift bag together, stop in to check it out.

Now Hanging!

The rustic and imaginative artwork by local Matthew Mazurkiewicz. Stay tuned for an opening party!


You're coming to Penn Ave anyway, why not stop in between 5-7 and get 25% off of select summer styles?

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