Are Fashion Seasons Outdated?


We live in a world where international travel has become affordable. I’ve noticed there is a bigger demand for clothes that are less dependent on the time of year. If you follow Fashion Week, you’ve probably noticed the sleeveless look in the autumn/winter fashion alongside bright popping colors, or the muted look and coats in spring/summer wear. 

Fashion seasons have changed. What used to be Spring/Summer Autumn/Winter is now more than eight seasons, thanks to fast fashion. The term cruise and resort came about because the wealthiest fashion house clients would pick up these styles to use on their holidays, usually February/March. 

But now, easy travel makes it necessary for us mere mortals to stock season-neutral dressing year round. It might not be front and center in the store, but ask, any season is easily accessible. As American designer Derek Lam explained to Instyle magazine a couple of years ago,“It’s about creating desirable pieces that can take you from October through early spring” It seems reasonable to us that we’ve had to evolve to a season-neutral way of dressing from when the Fashion week originated a century ago.

Derek Lamm 

If you live in the Northeast and desire an efficient wardrobe, aim to have fifty-percent of garments in your closet span three seasons. The bulkiest of winter sweaters and the skimpiest of summer dresses should be a minimal part of your wardrobe.

So, gone are the days where you have to pack away clothes each season! Need help making your closet function as if you have Anna Wintour on speed dial? Call frock today!

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