All You Really Need Is Three Black Skirts. And this is the first.

The Black Pencil Skirt.

No matter the season or the trends, there is always a black pencil skirt somewhere, somehow, that elevates yet simplify's your personal style.

 Bigger backside? A black pencil skirt is a classy way to embrace your curves. Have a thick middle? Me too! I love a pencil skirt that tells the world my butt and legs are fine, while the fitted waistline allows me to "blouson" a top with the fullness stopping right at the pubic bone. Instant 30lbs. off! 

This season go for high waisted. A banded waistband with a tie is trendy right now, but I like a classic high-waisted pencil with facing, that means no waistband. Find one with darts and/or seams to give it shape, few of us want to wear flat scuba, unless we are 18 years old and going clubbing. 

We have a couple of choices here at frock, my favorite being Albert Makali's sleek high waisted, below the knee stunner. I can tailor it to really make it yours. 

A black high-waisted pencil skirt in a fabric that spans three seasons is a seriously must-have. Get yours now! 





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